Group Classes

Parents stay DRY for this class at Love Swimming. With an experienced instructor, your swimmer will begin developing a lifelong love for the water,  Swimmers will work on floating, breath control, basic stroke techniques, safety skills, and propulsion.

Advanced Beginner

Age: 3+ years
All swimmers are introduced to backstroke, side breathing, front to back rolling float, as well as other strokes.


Age: 3+ years
All swimmers are able to take a confident, independent breath. Swimmers will work on polishing their front crawl, constructing their backstroke and becoming an all-around more efficient swimmer.


Age: 4+ years
All swimmers consistently take side-breaths in their front crawl and are proficient swimmers on their backs. In advanced classes, swimmers will begin to develop a swim team level front crawl and backstroke, while learning the basics of breaststroke and butterfly.

Stroke School

Age: 5+ years
All swimmers are efficient front crawlers and backstrokers and have a general understanding of both butterfly and breaststroke. In our Stroke School class, swimmers will construct swim team level strokes for front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Swimmers will also be challenged to build their endurance and breath control.

Swim Team Prep

Age: 5+ years
Swimmers must be making progress toward efficiency in all 4 major strokes. Within this class, swimmers will not only build proficiency in the 4 major strokes, but will also learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be successful at the swim team level. Swimmers will work on turns, push-offs, breakouts, and endurance. Within our shorter pool, swimmers will be able to hold together beautiful stroke technique, which will prepare them well for a prosperous transition into local competitive swim teams.

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