Water Babies Classes

Our Water Babies classes are designed for you and your youngest swimmers to explore the water in small classes. Our main focus of this 30 minute class is to create a nurturing environment while teaching your child the basic swimming skills and water safety through songs and games. These classes are designed to create an interactive aquatic learning environment that will enhance your child’s abilities and prepare them for graduation to our independent group lessons.

*Please note: all swimmers wearing diapers are required to wear a swim diaper cover, which is an additional plastic cover that fits snugly over the swim diaper. These are usually available at larger retail stores, as well as our location.

Age: 6-36 months
A parent participation class, where parents and their child sing age appropriate songs to increase comfort in the water. Not only is a magical bond created between parents and students, but babies and tots are introduced to an assortment of basic in-water skills which prepare them for a lifetime of loving the water. The goal is to help the swimmers gain independence in the water. Instructors will also help in guiding swimmers towards more autonomous skills, allowing swimmers to transition to the next level!