What should I bring to swim class?

A swimsuit and a towel. We provide toys and other swim equipment. We also have goggles that we clean frequently for the children to use, but you are more than welcome to purchase your own goggles as a more sanitary option. Please note: Children who are not potty trained and are still wearing diapers ARE REQUIRED to wear a swim diaper and diaper cover, which are sold at the front desk.

What if my child cries or is afraid?

All Love Swimming staff are fully trained to comfort your child using a nurturing approach to ease apprehension and fear. Our philosophy is to introduce students of all ages to the joys of swimming with positive, loving encouragement. Through this process we use a series of progressions to ease your child into learning to swim safely and with confidence. Our ultimate goal is to make your child a skilled and safe swimmer while making lessons fun and rewarding.

Students have fears for different reasons; start talking to your child at home, before you start lessons, to find out what they might be fearful of. Please share any information you discover with your child’s instructor on the first day of class.

Sometimes kids have a separation anxiety that can suddenly overwhelm them once at lessons. If you believe this might be the case for your child, start preparing them as soon as you sign up. Explain that while you will not be getting in the water with them, a really nice teacher will–and that this is something special just for them.

Do you offer Make up classes?

We strive to make every class your child attends the best! We are now offering one make-up lesson per  quarter for both group and private lessons. Please refer to our Policies section for more information.

How do I find times and register?

To receive times you must fill out a pre-registration form, which can be found under the enrollment tab on the main menu. The form will prompt you to provide your contact information, your child’s swimming abilities, and what your availability will allow. Once we receive your form, we will reply by email within 48 hours with our general information regarding memberships, cost, and policies, as well as times that should work for your schedule.

To confirm the times you prefer, reply back to the email. In the event that you do not receive a response, email us at loveswimmingnola@gmail.com or give us a call at 504-891-4662. You can start the registration process by clicking here!

Are there any forms to sign?

Yes. All new and returning clients must sign an Emergency Medical Card, as well the appropriate contract for your membership once they have received a registration confirmation from a Love Swimming employee. The forms can be found here.

How many students are in a class?

Our Group classes offer a unique opportunity to maximize the amount of learned skills within a safe environment. With a 4 student to 1 instructor ratio you can be assured that your child is getting maximum attention and practice time for every class.

Our Parent-Tot classes allow for a maximum of 6 students to sign up for with their parents and are guided by two instructors…

Our Private lessons offer a one-on-one teaching style, where the class is fitted to the specific needs of that individual student.

Our Semi-Private lesson has a 1 instructor to 2 student ratio. If you are interested in this size class, you are responsible for finding the other student for the class. These are great classes if you want to take a class with you friend or a family member.

How long is a class?

All of our classes are 30 minutes long. We have found this to be the perfect length of time for your child to review what they learned in their last class, to start working on new skills, and to not be overwhelmed.

How do I contact my child’s teacher?

If you would like to speak to your child’s instructor, please inform the Office Assistant at the front desk. They will be more than happy to arrange for your child’s instructor to call you. You are also more than welcome to email us at loveswimmingnola@gmail.com.

If you have a concern about your child’s class, please inform us as soon as possible. As we are always striving to offer the best swim lessons on Earth, we appreciate all feedback and would like to know how we can make the experience better for your family.

How long will it take for my child to swim?

Every student is unique. There are many factors which can affect your or your swimmer’s learning process. Some major factors to take into consideration are potential fears, separation anxieties, and the age at which your swimmer is beginning to learn. We at Love Swimming promise to teach each student with our best effort, and to bring them to a point of loving swimming while being safe in the water. In order to fulfill this promise, we take steps to ensure their progress and begin by getting each student comfortable in the water. We start with getting the eyes and ears wet. Next, we progress to breathing techniques, floating, and then begin to work on kicks and strokes. Our first goal is water comfort. Once this is achieved, everything is possible. Without it, all advancement will be temporary.

How do you determine what class a child will go into?

During your initial conversation with a Booking Manager, you will be asked a series of questions about your child’s abilities in the water. The answers to these questions and your child’s age will determine their level. On the first day of class, each student will be evaluated to determine if they are in the proper class or whether they would be better suited for a different class.  As the classes progress and swimmers begin to reach certain benchmarks, swimmers may be promoted to a new class where they will be challenged with new skills!

When does registration open?

We offer rolling registration, so whenever you are ready to start swimming, we are ready to register!

When and how should I pay for lessons?

Lessons are paid for on a monthly basis.  On the 15th of every month, clients are billed for all classes until the 14th of the next month.  You may pay over the phone with a credit card (we accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover).

Or you can pay in person by cash or by check.

NEW ORLEANS: Love Swimming 5221 South Front Street New Orleans, LA 70115