Please email us at loveswimmingnola@gmail.com to discuss payment options.


If Love Swimming cancels classes due to weather or other emergencies, we will offer make-up lessons during the week after the session ends. Love Swimming will communicate emergency cancellations via e-mail and social media.

Make-Up Classes

Click here to see our make-up policy page.


Please print and fill out the appropriate forms to be given to a Love Swimming employee.


New Member 12 Lesson Contract

New Member Short Term Contract

Returning Member Contract

Love Swimming Party

Party Contract


For existing students, levels are determined based on the assessment of the instructors from their previous classes. For new students, placement in levels is based on the initial conversation between the booking manager and the parent. During the first week of classes, we will evaluate the student’s skills and determine which class will be the best fit for your child. Please keep in mind that during this time students may be asked to reschedule to another class that would best suit them.

In order to avoid rescheduling, please meet with your child’s instructor at the end of each session to determine which level your child will be placed in for the next session.


We value all of those who have chosen to become a part of our extended Love Swimming family. Our goal is to make this a spectacular experience for all of our students and their families. With that in mind, we eagerly welcome any and all comments and questions that may help to enhance your experience at Love Swimming.


Clients who wish to discontinue lessons must complete a Class Withdrawal Form provided below. If we receive a withdrawal form prior to the 15th of the month, you will finish your current month of lessons. If we receive the form after the 15th of the month, you would already have been billed for the following month and will be enrolled in that class until the end of that billing cycle. Please contact us with any medical or other emergencies which necessitates you forfeiting your space in class.

Class Withdrawal Form