Swimming Before Bed!


Isn’t that the fruit that grows on golden trees and makes anyone better at anything? No…? Aww, man! Well, even if the tree of our dreams doesn’t exist, there is always the old fashioned way to improve: Practice.

Practice is something that is necessary for anyone who would like to be better at… well… anything! Of course, the same goes for your little swimmers. As we move into the cooler months, we know that swimming in the backyard pool won’t be an option. And even though Love Swimming houses heated, indoor pools, we must also realize that practicing our swim technique can extend outside the pool as well.

If we only practiced an activity once a week, we would never be as far along as we could be. For instance, if babies only practiced walking once a week, it’s doubtful they would walk before the age of 10, if that. The same goes for writing, speaking, and numerous other activities. So that bares the question: How do we practice swimming out of the pool? Well, we have an answer!

When it comes to swimming, our kicks play the largest role. If we don’t know how to kick properly, we inadvertently cause ourselves to expel more energy than necessary. And if that happens, we can’t swim as long and as much as we’d like to! So, here is a tip we have for our little swimmers to try before they head to bed or at anytime during the day.

Legs Hanging Off Bed --- Image by © Image Source/Corbis

Legs Hanging Off Bed — Image by © Image Source/Corbis

Have your child sit on the edge of their bed and kick their feet. Keep in mind that they should kick with long legs, up and down. It’s very easy for young swimmers to kick in a crazy and hectic fashion. But, sitting on the edge of their bed while kicking helps them to be aware of their form and control. The same could be said for kids who are working on incorporating their arms into their swimming. Coordination is something all swimmers must work on. So, if your child is working on their freestyle arms, have them walk while moving their arms accordingly. Using their arms and legs at the same time will improve their coordination, thus improve their swimming.

These simple exercises can last, at most, 5 minutes a night. And you can always make it fun by playing along with your children! Practice makes your best! So, let’s inspire our children to be their best.