The Best Holiday Gift for Your Little New Orleanian!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means gift ideas are probably swirling around in your head as you read this sentence. It happens every year: Soon after Thanksgiving dinner a number of adults will head off to the nearest mall, Best Buy, and computer to find the perfect gift for the little ones in their life. Of course video games, dolls, and board games may very well be on your child’s list. But, there is a gift we can give our children that will outlast the video game and doll: A life saving experience.

We have numerous options for presents these days, but one of the best gifts to give your little one is an experience. Trips to theme parks and getaways are sure to be remembered years later. So, why not provide them with an experience that is life saving? Let us not forget that New Orleans is a city under sea level, making us more susceptible to flooding. We are surrounded by water whether you live Uptown, Downtown, or in Metairie. So, what could be the best life saving experience you can give your child? Swim lessons.

A number of New Orleanians don’t know how to swim. It’s something that you would expect a resident surrounded by water to be able to do. Swimming is without a doubt an activity that has saved the lives of those confronted by water related accidents and natural disasters; not just in New Orleans, but around the world. Of course, it’s a fun activity! Who doesn’t like to swim like a mermaid or shark? But, it’s not just fun. It’s a fun experience. But, it’s not just a fun experience. It’s a fun, life saving experience.

So, give your children the best! Provide them with the tools necessary to become a well rounded, knowledgeable human being, and surprise them with the gift of swim lessons at Love Swimming. You will be glad you did!