Water Comfortability Isn’t An Overnight Process


What are they besides smaller versions of ourselves? They are adventurers, zoologists, actors, and much more. But, above all they are learners. Generally when we think of learning, we sometimes tend to consider it an in-school activity. But, our children are learning every day! From how to say “Mom” or “Dad” to not crossing the street without a grownup, our children learn to become comfortable with the lessons, activities, and boundaries we instill over time.

When it comes to your child starting a new activity like swimming, there is A LOT to take in. With the fact that they have no idea where they are, who these people are, and why they are here, they are bound to partake in the action that best expresses their disapproval: Crying. It is inevitable!

As parents, we hate to hear our children cry and try to stop it immediately. But, when it comes to teaching your children an activity that you know will benefit them for the rest of their lives, we have to be willing to withstand the crying for their sake. Comfortability isn’t given. It’s learned through repetition, reassurance, and a happy attitude!

Children are so aware that they not only learn their parents’ mannerisms, but they will also learn their parents’ attitudes. If you display a nervous expression, your child will do the same. If you display a happy expression, your child will soon enough do the same. We simply have to be there during the tears and nervousness with a fun-loving, happy attitude. No one said getting used to the water would be easy. But, everything worth having isn’t always easy. Let’s set great examples for our children with great attitudes! After all, our children deserve that and more.

Love Swimming