5 Reasons Why Love Swimming is the Best Swim School for Your Child

We know there are other places to have the kiddos learn how to swim. So why choose Love Swimming? Easy: Love Swimming offers things that other places don’t. Here are a few benefits you’ll get with us:

1. 90 degree pool water

When you first jump in the water, you don’t want to be shivering and forcing yourself to stay in, right? And cold water means kids aren’t comfy, either. Well, no worries about purple lips here! The pools at Love Swimming are always set to a warm 90 degrees!  This makes the transition to the water more welcomed for our little swimmers.

2. An island for little ones

In many places, kids have to either hold onto the edge or sit outside the pool on the edge when they’re waiting for their turn during swim lessons. Not at Love Swimming! There’s a nice island in our pools, IN THE WATER. This means kids can save their energy from hanging on or getting in and out repeatedly and use it on actually swimming — and it’s way more helpful when it comes to pushing off and swimming back, too. It’s the little things, right?

3. Building from the basics

It’s important that kids not only learn the swim strokes, but the building blocks that will sustain their skills. For instance, one of the key components of the specialized Love Swimming curriculum is teaching breath control. Little by little, swimmers learn how to hold their breath underwater, blow their bubbles and build up to being able to swim while their head is underwater. Then, your little guppy will learn to swim further distances in one breath. That is one of the reasons why repetition is so very important. Plus, swimmers learn what to do when they run OUT of breath while swimming: Roll over onto their backs, relax and catch their breath, then roll back over and continue swimming.

4. Safety, safety, safety

Safety is a HUGE focus at Love Swimming. Each week, lessons incorporate safety skills for kids in AND out of the water. Swimming is an important life skill and all kids should know how to stay safe, so they can have fun in the water. From teaching them to walk rather than run by the pool, to holding on to the ladder and taking one step at a time, Love Swimming covers those bases so your children know all they need to know about safety.

5. Our instructors!

Love Swimming prides itself in its instructors. Not only are they trained in swim technique, they are also trained to teach children proper swim technique. And when it comes to your little ones, they deserves someone who is patient, understanding, knowledgeable, and FUN! Love Swimming’s instructors have all those qualities and more. For a child to excel in swim lessons, they must feel comfortable with their instructor. And Love Swimming has the teachers that will make you and your child comfortable not just in lessons, but in any body of water.