Why 12 Weeks of Lessons Is Best!

As we approach the spring and summer months, more parents are rushing to get their children into swim lessons. Though the water can be a fun experience, it can also be dangerous if a child is unaware of safety and swim techniques. At Love Swimming, we initially enroll new students in 12 weeks of lessons. To some, that may seem like an extensive request. But, when you consider the time and patience needed for your child to not only learn, but retain what they learn, three months is almost not enough.

When we first learn to do anything, from walking to writing our names in cursive, we don’t get it perfectly on the first try. It takes practice and patience. As busy adults, we sometimes feel the need to rush through activities and tasks. But, when it comes to teaching our children efficiently, we simply can’t speed through their lessons. As a swim school that wants your child to learn new skills and retain them long after they leave Love Swimming, we can’t accept cutting their education short. We want them to be the very best that they can be. We want them to build a strong relationship with the water. And we feel that the best way to achieve such goals is by teaching them more than four lessons.

It’s what’s best for our children! And it doesn’t hurt to have some piece of mind whenever your family nears a body of water. So, we hope to see you this summer, and we hope that your children will swim with us long enough to remember their swim techniques well into their adult years.

Happy splashes to all!

Love Swimming