5 Reasons Why You Should Enroll in Swim Lessons This Summer

School will be coming to an end soon – and that means your busy schedule of activities will be dwindling down. Summer is a time of freedom and doing whatever you and the kids want, but taking time out of your week for swim lesson at Love Swimming is key. Swim lessons actually present a few benefits for you and the kids! Here are 5 reasons to sign up for swim lessons this summer:

  1. It gives your children a schedule: This benefits everybody. Summer is great for relaxing and going on summer vacations. After a while, the kids will usually start asking for suggestions on what to do because they’re getting BORED. Maintaining an activity on the schedule helps your children know what they are doing each week and gives them something to look forward to.
  2. There is more time to practice new skills outdoors: Your family will probably take a trip to the lake, beach, or a pool this summer. While you are outdoors enjoying the sun and fun, your kids will be able to practice and improve upon those skills that are taught at Love Swimming. We all know that practice makes perfect! Repetition is key when learning any new skill.
  3. You can feed upon their natural desire to get in the water: In summer, kids are itching to get into the water. Even if your kids are too scared to go in, only dipping their toes in and splashing their feet, they still want to be in the water. So why not feed on their desire and enthusiasm and enroll them into swim lessons? Even if your children “know” how to swim, they will benefit from learning how to swim at Love Swimming. Our adult instructors are compassionate while teaching children how to swim correctly. We are here to help your kids be the best they can be!
  4. It helps keep kids safe around water: Drowning is a very real concern in the summer and year-round. The swim skills that your children learn will provide lifelong, life-saving skills that every child should know. At Love Swimming, we also teach our students water safety in and around the water!
  5. Keep on progressing: If your children are already enrolled in swim lessons at Love Swimming, don’t take a break over summer. Have fun, keep on progressing and learning new swim skills – and practice them outdoors all summer long!

You can enroll today by clicking on the Enrollment page!