The Benefits of Group Swim Lessons

Sometimes your child needs a little extra attention when learning a new skill, like swimming. As a parent, your first thought would be to enroll them into a private swim lesson where your child works one-on-one with an instructor. Maybe this will work for your child, or maybe it won’t.

At Love Swimming, we believe that group swim lessons can be just as beneficial as private lessons. We produce the best group lessons by making sure that the student to teacher ratio is set accordingly. We believe group lessons are the way to go, and offer many benefits over private lessons!

Children who are apprehensive to jump into the water can definitely benefit from group lessons! As they slowly enter into the water, feeling unsure of what this new experience will bring them, they can see their classmates doing the activities that they came to do. They can see that splashing water onto their face is not as bad as they thought it was, that blowing bubbles is possible, and that your instructor will help you while you float on your back (making sure to not let go until the child is comfortable). Group lessons take the pressure off one student, as the instructor takes turns with each kid, allowing everybody to work at their own pace.

If you are considering enrolling your child into swim lessons this summer, think about the benefits that group lessons can offer:

  1. Break time: At Love Swimming, our group class size remains at 3-4 students per lesson. This creates an opportunity for each child to take a break between each skill, as the instructor focuses on another student. For an anxious swimmer, taking time to recoup during a swimming lesson is imperative for them to master each new technique. The focus isn’t always placed on one specific child, therefore, each student can take time to relax and not feel overwhelmed to constantly perform their swim skills. Sometimes more attention on one child can minimize progress or put too much pressure on them. Our group lessons allow for each child to move at their own pace.
  2. Learning from other kids: Having other children in the class for group lessons can be beneficial for your child to see what other kids their age are accomplishing in the water. Many kids are observers and like to see what is expected of them before diving in! For kids who do not like water on their face, they can see that it is okay to allow their face to get wet by observing their classmates willingly wetting their own faces. Kids are able to see other students having fun and not afraid. Our instructors approach each new student with compassion and trust to help every kid feel at ease in the water. As the instructors take turns with each child, new students are able to observe and eventually want to do what others are doing. Each student has the opportunity to watch their classmates and themselves grow – unlike being in a private lesson.
  3. Having fun: At Love Swimming, we are constantly incorporating fun into each lesson! Our instructors want all of their students to have a fun time in the water while they are learning lifesaving skills. Love Swimming works hard to create a fun and safe environment for each swimmer. Children actually learn much more while they are having fun – so that’s what we strive to do! Your child will tell you how much fun they had and you will see their progress as they move up swim levels.

Love Swimming’s group lessons can help children get over their initial fears of the water by simply having fun in the pool – as opposed to a private lesson where the focus is strictly on kids making progress alone. Don’t hesitate to sign your anxious swimmers up for group lessons today!!!!!