6 Ways Your Family Can Stay Safer In/Around the Water

Spring break is coming up soon! Is your family going on a vacation or planning a staycation? Love Swimming teaches water safety skills during every lesson to help make sure kids stay safer in water and LOVE the experience whenever they are. Make sure your kids are prepared to attend pool parties and enjoy the waves at the beach by enrolling them in swim lessons to ensure your child’s safety in/around the water. Here are some ways your family can stay safer on your upcoming Spring Break and Summer vacations:

  1. At parties: With friends and family to talk to and the busy nature of a party, it’s easy to turn your back for just a minute and stop paying attention to what is going on in the pool or beach.
    • How to stay safer: Designate one specific adult to keep an eye on the kids and rotate the duty during parties or get-togethers.
  2. Crowded pools and beaches: It’s hard enough to keep your eyes on your children when it’s just them; add in a few dozen more and their parents and it can be very easy to lose sight of what your child is doing.
    • How to stay safer: Make sure your children take swim lessons even if they “know” how to swim – and always have kids swim with a buddy to keep an eye on each other. Most important, make sure you recognize the signs of drowning and know what to do in an emergency.
  3. Unknown water: Part of the fun of summer is going to pool parties, going fishing, and heading to the beach for the weekend! You could end up dipping your toes in unfamiliar water (literally). But do you know the potential hazards?
    • How to stay safer: The feeling of being in the ocean can be incredible, but waves are constantly crashing, unlike a pool. This makes it hard to see everything that is going on in the water. Always know the water that you are going to swim in. Check out the depth, sea life and creatures in your surroundings; also, make sure you pay attention to the lifeguard signs and warning notices. Teach kids water safety skills to help them become better swimmers!
  4. Open pools:  Everybody loves playing in the water, especially kids. That means sometimes they may not pay attention to when they’re not supposed to jump in the pool.
    • How to stay safer: If you have a pool in your backyard, install a fence around and keep it locked. Also, remove the ladder whenever the pool is not in use. Cover the pool when practical.
  5. Pool drains: Even though you can see what is in the pool, as opposed to being at the lake or ocean, there can still be hidden dangers in an indoor or outdoor pool.
    • How to stay safer: Be cautious of the power and suction of drains. Maintain the pool properly and install a new, safe drain to prevent from getting caught. Also, consider modernizing the drain system or installing a sensor. You should also be careful when wearing having fun and wearing a mermaid fin.
  6. Deep water: Whether jumping off the diving board into the deep-end of the pool or running into an unknown depth of the ocean or a lake, it’s even more important to know how to swim and utilize important water safety skills.
    • How to stay safer: Consider purchasing some U.S. Coast Guard approved floatation devices, and know when the proper time for kids to wear lifejackets. If you’re out on the water, riding on a boat with your friends, know what to do during an emergency situation. Love Swimming helps keep children safe in/around the water!!

Enjoy your spring break and make sure your children are prepared to have a fun and safe time! Enroll in year-round swim lessons at Love Swimming your mind at ease when you’re on vacation. We’re here to help keep your little ones safe!